Survivors: a post-apocalyptic edu-larp

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Survivors: a post-apocalyptic edu-larp

Gioco di ruolo dal vivo educativo in inglese, organizzato da Blaž Branc.

A random group of people find themselves inside a bunker in a post-apocalyptic world. Soon, the oxygen machine malfunctions. How will the survivors choose who is best fit to continue the human race, and will be equipped with a breathing mask?

Survivors is a 2.5-hour edu-larp for up to 8 players. Gameplay takes 36 minutes. The aim of this programme item is to demonstrate making connections between educational goals and larp-design, therefore extra time will be devoted to warm-up, workshops (including characters and relationships creation), and a debriefing session.

Edu-goals: seeking how to creatively argue one’s case even in the toughest situations (preparation + delivery).

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